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Managed IT Solutions

Our subscription-based services let you use our IT services on a recurring basis, with an array of modular products and services to choose from. Not only will you get dependable IT support from a team of experts, but you also receive pre-emptive maintenance services that ensure your systems are up-to-date and running optimally with minimal downtime. Regardless of the size of your team, you are assured of a scalable, seamless operation, all at a fraction of an IT infrastructure cost.





Procuring the right equipment for your people and your business needs

Firms that find it a hassle to maintain IT assets such as laptops, switches and servers

Recommend and procure the best equipment for your needs

Recommend and procure the best equipment for your needs

Provide onsite set up of your IT equipment

Proactive support for switches and routers

Financing options for your IT equipment purchase

Unlimited hours of technical support 

Pre-emptive maintenance to prevent IT system failures

Regular patching of systems and software


Getting everyone in sync with your processes and operations

Firms with expanding headcount, with a constant need to get everyone connected

Set up and back up of equipment for new and old employees

Ensuring everyone is connected to the company’s IT softwares and servers

Ensuring employees stay connected anytime, anywhere


Ubiquitous access to your data, onsite or on cloud 

Firms that are highly collaborative and need to share and access data easily 

Recommend the best storage solution for your needs (on site or on cloud)

Regular alerts before the company reaches the storage limits

Ensuring access to storage on the go


Preventing external attacks and keeping you away from malicious attacks

Firms that need endpoint protection to keep sensitive data safe

Keep you protected from hackers and viruses

IT support to troubleshoot when there is a malicious attack

Set up your internal network security

Create different network to different departments 


Having zero downtime in times of emergencies

Firms that cannot stop operations and need a reliable disaster recovery plan

Strategise, plan and set up your back up IT infrastructure to ensure business continuity

Bare metal restore when your equipment breaks down

Maintain your servers and prevent corruption of files

24/7 ongoing support to make sure all systems and software are up to date and patched

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